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Parents, You Need A Daily Schedule Too!

This post may not be for everyone but hopefully it will help someone.

"I just don't have the motivation at home."

Good. Because you don't need motivation at home. Does it help? Sure. But it's not required.

You just need a daily schedule, a daily plan, a daily discipline, a daily course of action... whatever you want to call it, you need it, especially when motivation is lacking.

About a year ago, at a staff meeting, I told the coaches about a comment I heard someone say along the lines of "well, it's easy for the coaches to work out." So, I went around the table and asked every coach if it's easy for them to workout. Every single one of them said "no."

And that's the truth. It's just as hard for us to be motivated, to stay disciplined, to just get off the couch and "get it in." It's not easier for coaches because they are coaches or more fit or more motivated or more disciplined. That's a myth.

So, how do they do it?

Set your schedule and take it one item at a time. I like to use a list and mark things off.

It doesn't have to be by the minute. It doesn't have to be filled back to back to back. I just needs to have a rhythm, a flow that is set up to not overwhelm you. Sometimes I go in order, but I'm just trying to strike things off my list

Pre-corona, on mornings I didn't coach, my mornings would be slower. I'd take the kids to daycare & school then head to the gym and I'd immediately get into my work for the day. When I ran out of mental energy, I would usually take that time to work out. Sometimes, a hard workout will help get me into flow state, for other people, it doesn't.

But, things have changed so I have had to change my daily schedule. And I'll be completely honest, it took me over a week to get mine together. I'm very routine based and this whole situation threw me waaaaayy off! I got almost nothing done the first week. I was "busy" but not productive, especially with my work.

I managed to keep my breakfast routine, feed myself and Lindsey before she left for work. . We do school for Kara and Cole first thing after breakfast. Then, we do free play, where they can play with toys or outside. I figured out that this is a good time for me to get in an hour or so of work. We then try to do a craft or coloring before having lunch. After lunch, I try to get them outside again and I'll jump back on the computer for work. After that, we do some more school work, usually Kara's computer based stuff. By 3pm my brain and my nerves are shot! I let them play more or watch a show on TV while I shoot the video for the next day and do some warming up before our 5pm Zoom class. When Lindsey gets home, I have to make myself go downstairs and do some work. I usually eat dinner and do some more work before putting the kids to bed.

Do I love doing work that late, or working out in the afternoon. Not necessarily,'s on my schedule. It's an item to check off. It's something that I know I have to do during this time of crisis. And the work out is something I HAVE TO do to take care of myself.

If YOU need help creating a rhythm, a daily schedule, reach out to me or another coach for help. We can be your accountability buddy or find another member to join the Zoom classes. We will also have more accountability options for you starting next week.

Put your workout on your CALENDAR.

You all are used to driving to the gym, being there an hour and driving home. Now, you just have to log in 5 mins early and knock out 40 mins and that's it.

No motivation required... just log in.

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